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1934 Postcard from Dutch East Indies

My mother gave me a postcard that my grandfather send on August 24, 1934 from “Indië” (as the Dutch would call the nowadays Indonesia) to The Netherlands. The family is enjoying a vacation in Soekaboemi (nowadays Sukabumi), a village located in the mountains, 70 kilometre south of Jakarta. The name of the site where they stayed was named “Hotel en Boerderij (= Farm) Cramer”.

The message is:

“Dear Mother and Ida (his sister),
We amuse us here well and it is deliciously cool
X (mark on the front side of postcard) is the small cottage where we stay. Furthermore
receive regards from Louisa (his wife), Elly (daughter) and Cor (my grandfather).

noi 060

noi 061

Movie about Dutch East Indies (Indonesia, Nederlands Oost-Indië) online

I uploaded a compilation of the film foorage that my grandfather recorded during his stay in Indonesia (The Dutch East Indies) during the 1930s. It also contains scenes from the Netherlands in 1946, just as the country was freed after 5 years of Nazi regime.

The movie contains the following scenes:

– Arrival in the harbour of Batavia (nowadays Jakarta)
– Arrival and departure of the carrier ‘Johan van Oldenbarnevelt’
– The fish market of Batavia
– An unknown celebration/ festivity
– The launch of the Hr. Ms. Poolster
– Family moments in the 1930s
– The arrival of KLM PH-ARG (a Douglas DC-3) on Batavia Airport
– Post war scenes from the Netherlands, including Utrecht, Amsterdam, Scheveningen
– Scenes from the severe winter of 1946 – 1947