Status update on the immigration

Over the past week we have been receiving a number of letters from the IND (the Dutch Immigration Services) to inform us about the procedure. After intially sending in the 7018 form there was a notification letter that the documents had been received well. First of all there was a need to transfer 228.,- euro in order to have someone actually continue with approving the request. The IND has a maximum of 90 days (!) to treat the request so ultimately on January 25th 2015 we should receive an answer. After directly transferring the money on receiving the previous mentioned letter, today, 1 week after the money transfer I received a new notification from IND that the money transfer was received and that a person was now assigned to the request.

So there is still continuity in the process and we are now entering the most crucial phase for us: how fast will we receive a hopefully positive outcome and can we be reunited?

To get things done as soon as possible, I tried to clearly lay out all the information for the person to approve the request after sending in the 7018 form with all the attachments. It is quite a heap of papers, so there is a big chance that the person assigned on the case will get lost in all the documents. And that is something we certainly can not use at the moment :). This is an example of how i set up the index page and the character + number refers to a single piece of paper.

example of index ind
This is how I made the index to accompany the forms for IND

So to be continued …..


4 thoughts on “Status update on the immigration

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  2. Halo.. Ive been there and those moments of waiting is a very nervous and anoying 😉 haha.. sabar ya 🙂 Memang untung2 an sih ada yang cepet tapi ada juga yg dapat lama approval nya. Teman saya cuma nunggu 2 minggu langsung dapat positive advice. Sedang saya waktu itu nunggu 1 bulan baru dapat positif advice. I wish you best luck!

    1. Hai Salam kenal ^^. Iya kami dalam masa-masa penantian hehehe. Terima kasih, semoga kami bisa melewati ini dengan lancar 🙂

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