Reunited soon!

If all goes well, Adek Deny and I will be reunited within two weeks from now! Then we -finally- can start with the new phase in life, living together as husband and wife. Just in time before we celebrate our half year celebration anniversary (February 9th). After Adek Deny’s graduation and thesis revision, she will spend her remaining time in Indonesia with family and friends before flying to the Netherlands.

Meanwhile I will prepare things over here in the Netherlands, so the administrative things will not too much be in the way once that Adek Deny arrives. I set up a check list so I am sure not to forget things that need to be taken care of before and after Adek Deny’s arrival. The items on the list vary from signing up for general practitioner, dentist, health insurance, registering at the ‘gemeente’ as well as things like arranging a mobile phone subscription.

From a letter I received from IND, they said they will contact me after Adek Deny arrives, I guess to inform us about the ‘verblijfsvergunning’, the identification document that Adek Deny will have to account for her legal stay in the Netherlands. We also will be informed by DUO (the institute from the government dealing with education affairs) about the continuation of the ‘inburgering’ (literally: becoming a citizen) education.

Last week when I wanted to fill in an electronic form for the Dutch Tax Authority I already ran into an issue. One of the first question was ‘Are you married?’, so I filled in ‘Yes’. ‘What is the name and date of birth of your wife?’ and I could answer that one too of course :). But at the third question I stumbled. The question was ‘What is your wife’s ‘BSN’ (a sort of social security number)?’ and that one I couldn’t answer (yet). I don’t even know in which phase Adek Deny will have that BSN number, so another thing to find out!

Adek Deny has been preparing lots of things on her side in Surabaya. She has sent a 30 kilo package with goods to Netherlands, to arrive in 2-3 months. She already has bought a small clothing winter collection, because in January-February weather conditions in the Netherlands can still be harsh! Luckily in Jakarta there are shops that sell winter clothing, so she can arrive at Schiphol well prepared :).

8 thoughts on “Reunited soon!

    1. Itu ada sedikit ceritanya Crys. Awalnya aku kan manggil dia nama aja, trus dimarahi sama ibuku, ga terbiasa kan orang Jawa manggil langsung nama ke yang lebih senior. Akhirnya aku manggil Mas Ewald. Nah, pas dia denger aku manggil adikku dengan “dik” dia nanya, dik itu apa artinya. Trus aku bilang kalo manggil yang lebih muda pakai adik trus namanya. Akhirnya dia ngikut2, jadinya manggil aku “Adek Deny” hahaha lucu sih kalo didenger langsung. Lucu2 gemesh gitu hahahaha ditimpuk

  1. seneng banget baca postingannya yang mau ketemuan…sambil bayangin kalau dia manggil “adek deny” dengan logat bulenya 🙂

    1. Tenang, nanti kamu akan diposisi ini juga. Tinggal tunggu waktu. Logat bule Adek Deny nya menggemaskan *menurutku hihihi*

  2. Wah, Mas Suami dah curhat aja disini 😀 Seneng banget kayaknya istrinya mau datang 🙂 Thanks honey for lovely story. Don’t forget to bring me flower huh :p

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