Music is a lifelong passion for Ewald.

As a young boy intrigued by hearing all these great jazz music from Brazil (thanks to his dad, a professional jazz pianist), Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, the musical “Hair” and the albums by The Beatles.

It won’t be long before Ewald becomes intrigued by the possibilities of recording music. As his dad switched to a cassette deck (a novelty in those days), Ewald could start experimenting with recordings on the ‘left over’ tape recorder.

From a very early age on Ewald is trained and experienced in music instruments like the flute, piano (classically trained) and guitar. His main guitar teacher is Theo Ehrlicher who introduces him to the music of Django Reinhardt and other jazz guitarists. These influences are still present in his music.

After hearing ‘one man band’ recordings like Paul McCartney’s first solo album, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and the early 70s albums from Stevie Wonder (Innervisions) makes Ewald become aware of the possibilities to record all music and instruments by himself. Working in a studio and working like a painter layering all the tracks until the composition is finished. Although he would occasionally play in bands and would also take on assignmentsa as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer recording and performing his own music remains his main aspiration.

This method of creating music resulted in a steady stream of releases since 2004. From the Almost Lost CD that year until his most recent album Early or Late, released in august 2021. His music can not easily be characterised. Some albums have a very electronic feel (like 2Meetu) while other albums are more embedded in the style of acoustic music from the 1960’s. A full overview of his music can be found on the Discography page. Ewald’s music is fully available on Spotify and Apple Music. In september 2021 he launched his first NFT, containing a very special mix of the song Someday.

Since 1985 he became involved in creating music for audiovisual productions and recording live performances. To handle these projects he established the company Cone Music. Cone Music is nowadays a brand of Cone B.V. and represents his recording label and music publishing company.