Music has been a lifelong passion. As a young boy remembering hearing all these great jazz music from Brazil (thanks to his dad, a professional jazz pianist), Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, the musical “Hair” and the albums by The Beatles. Already in this time he became intrigued by tape recorders and the possibilities of recording music. From very early on he became trained and experienced in music instruments like flute, piano (classically trained) and guitar (jazz, his main teacher being Theo Ehrlicher).

After hearing Paul McCartney’s first solo album, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and the early 70s albums from Stevie Wonder (Where I’m Coming From to Innervisions) triggered him to think about the possibilities of a musician recording music by himself in the studio and working as a painter: layering track on track by playing all instruments. Althouh he would occasionally play in bands and would also take on jobs as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer recording and performing his own music would remain his main interest from then on.

This method of music creating music resulted in a steady stream of releases over the past 4 decades. From the 1986 cassette production The Right Way until recent productions like Piano & Guitar Vol. I & II.

Since 1985 he became involved in creating music for audiovisual productions and recording live performances. To handle these projects his company Cone Music would handle these projects. Cone Music would also become his recording label and music publishing company.

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