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Time for some Soundcloud statistic updates

First song to break 1000+ plays:

500 Plays in just 18 days:

Oh, and welcomed 600th follower!

New Soundcloud music

Been quiet on this website for some time, mainly because I have been preparing an album full with new music. Later more on that.

Recently I also have been uploading some new stuff to my Soundcloud account:

My first experiment with the Arturia Minibrute which I hooked up to my Doepfer Dark Energy through CV. I used the Minibrute arpeggiator to create the rhythm in the bassline and the lead part. The chords you hear come from TX802 and the drums are from NI Abbey Road 70s drums.

Always loved this piece from Ravel and since long had plans to transcend it into a more modern synthesizer arrangement. Until recently I only knew the orchestral version but recently heard the piano version played by Richter. I liked the relative simplicity of the piano actiually better than the more complex orchestral arrangement. I recorded all the sounds with U-he’s Zebra synthesizer.