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A new, free EP: ‘1986’

As a spin off of a forthcoming project a new, free EP is now available for listening on Soundcloud or by downloading a ZIP file.

‘1986’ contains 5 songs that Ewald has recorded in spring/summer of 1986 and never had been released before. These songs were the first ones recorded on a Tascam 246, a 4 track recording device that utilized cassette as the recording medium. In December 2015 – January 2016 these tracks were intensively re-edited and remastered, giving the material a very fresh and rather astonishing sound quality.

Here is some information on the individual tracks:

(Say Goodbye To) Mr. Rock ‘n Roll

‘I remember this song to be the first one I recorded on the Tascam 246, it must have been somewhere in Spring 1986. The theme of the song deals with the subject of rock artists who later in life try to act as if they are still in their prime time. But there is also the element of mysticism of these old times versus the modern ways of music making’.

I Wanna Be Where You Are

‘The song was directly connected to the song ‘Pretty Nurse’ as they represent a kind of ying versus yang type of relation. Where ‘I Wanna Be’ represents the optimism of love, ‘Pretty Nurse’ represents the confusion at the end of a relationship. From a music perspective the music sounds to me still fresh and open after so many years. First I thought I wanted to edit the music to make it into a 3 minute song. But every attempt seemed to be doomed, so I left it uncut and still has the original 7 minute length.’

Pretty Nurse

‘This is probably one of the most psychedelic tracks that I recorded. The Yamaha DX7 was relatively still new in the studio and although it is mostly remembered for its slick electric pianos, I think this track shows that it could produce a completely different kind of sound. I remember I started this track on a Sunday morning and a few hours later it was all done, i recorded this song pretty quickly.’

Hey Girl

‘This is a very pop, Beatles like tune, I already composed the song around 1981, so what you hear here is a sort of re-recording from an original demo. The Beatles-like influences can be heard in the song arrangement: going from a 4/4 tempo, to a 3/4 tempo in the break and then returning to 4/4 for the ending of the song. The drums rely on the Simmons SDS-200, In all its simplicity I still think of this song as one of my better and best beloved compositions.’

= The Hague, January 4th 2016 =

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