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Korg MS-20 2013 re-release

Today I learned that Korg is going to re-release its MS-20 monophonic synthesizer. Actually the MS-20 was my first synthesizer and a fine one it was! Always regretted selling it, but now there is second chance of obtaining it. Hopefully it sounds as good as the original. Contrary to the late 70s -early 80s model it will come with mini-keys (like on the Mini-Korg), USB midi and smaller 1/8″ patch connections.

To let you hear some of its capabilities I uploaded on Soundcloud the track ‘Space Intro’ that actually is the opening track on the new album ‘The Adolescent Years’. It was recorded around 1982/ 1983 and consists of multiple recordings of the MS-20 resulting in an experimental and minimal music track.

Doepfer Dark Energy – short YouTube video

I uploaded a 5 minute video showing off some of the capabilities of the Doepfer Dark Energy synthesizer module. Dark Energy is a desktop synthesizer from German modular synth manufacturers Doepfer. Single voice, fully analog. To offer you best sound quality I recorded the DDE sound directly into Logic (24bit) and then imported the file into FCP before uploading it to YT. Have fun!