Although Ewald released a number of cassette productions as well as CD’s with music for audiovisual production in the late 80’s- early 90’s that are not available anymore in their original version or format.

Almost Lost (2004)

It was in 2004 when Ewald released the CD album Almost Lost. The physical CD is not available anymore but the album is available through streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Al subsequent releases are also available through these services.
Almost Lost contains 2 songs especially recorded for this album (Good Morning Miss, Message of Love) the other songs are demo tracks that Ewald recorded over the years, dating back as far as 1985 (She’s a WInner).

In the years after Almost Lost Ewald produces a number of singles and EP’s. In 2006 his interpretation of Debussy’s The Girl With the Flaxen Hair was released.

In 2007 the EP Ode To The Astronaut was released with 4 very different instrumental songs. The title track was dedicated to the pioneering work ny American and Russian astronauts. Later that year a successful electronic dance track, Supergrooved, was released.

In 2008 Riding High in the Summertime was released, an instrumental track that originally was composed for the shelved Synthesizer album. The mystical song Magic Colors was released, accompanied by a ballad like instrumental Mine and the electronic Mine as part of a 4 track EP.

2009‘s F.E.A.R. remains to this day one of Ewald’s best sold tracks. The EP has also one his most intriguing tracks (Apparently Accidental) which refers to the improvisational character of the composition on piano.

Ride the Waves (2009)

Ride the Waves is a compilation album with music that Ewald has recorded for audiovisual productions. In 1985 Ewald composed his first track for a production about a newly opened park in The Netherland (Springtime Waltz). Writing music for films and documentaries would remain his main activity in music until the early 2000’s.

After Ride the Waves it would take some more years before the next full fledged album would be released. In the meantime the mini album Suitcase Full of Memories (2011) would bring new interesting music. The title track brings back the spirit of 1970’s TV tunes. It contains, Amber, one of his most popular instrumental songs often used in films and audiovisual production. The final song Escaping Reality is one of Ewald’s most remarkable achievements. The basic structure of the song was already record in 1988. In 2011 it was finished by recording synths, guitar and vocals. The lyrical theme of the song deals with the aspect of nostalgia when one grows older.

The Adolescent Years (2012)

The album title refers to the time when the songs on this album were written (during Ewald’s adolescent years). It opens with a short instrument track recorded in 1983 (Space Intro) and onwards the listener is being served a rich meal of different music styles culminating in the sensitive ballad Summer Child and the festive finishing track Let Me Take You Away.

After The Adolescent Years was to follow a long string of singles and EP’s: Something Good (2012), Our Leader (2013), Run of the Mill (2013), Conjunction (2013), Facade (2013), The Rain Has Stopped (2014) and the EP Sweetheart (2016). On most of these tracks there was a clear tendency towards high complexity and using the latest technology that the music industry has to offer. Ewald considers Run of the Mill with its many tempo and mood changes as one of his most important tracks recorded.

In 2015 two albums were released that contained shelved songs recorded in 1987-1988. “2” is in essence the reissue of a cassette with songs from 1987 added with some extra tracks, while 88 Degrees in the Shade is an imaginary album that could have been released in 1988.

2meetu (2016)

2meetu is mainly an electronic music affair and except for the title track fully instrumental. It contains the sensitive Whitestar written in memory of important influences for Ewald’s music that passed away (David Bowie, Prince and his own father). The final track Au Revoir runs for 10 minutes and actually consists of 3 songs that gently flow into each other.

Piano & Guitar Vol. I (2016)

2016 was a productive year with the appearance of 2 albums. Piano & Guitar Vol I was something completely different from 2meetu as the title already might suggest: the emphasis is on the combined playing of piano and guitar.

There is a tendency to less complexitiy and more intimacy, the style is often jazzy as in tracks like When, That Initial Moment and Young & Beautiful Lovers. Unfortunately this album marks the last cooperation with Sterling Sound mastering engineer Tom Coyne on the apocalyptical track Ride along the Stars. Tom practically mastered all of Ewald’s tracks since 2009 and would pass away a few months after the release.

2017 saw the release of The Discovery of Music. An album in dedication to recording his first demo 40 years ago (in 1977). The album starts with a 1985 track (Love Summer Dream) and travels back to 1977 when End of the Show was recorded. Also in 2017 was Good News released, a single with some quasi religious theme. This single would prove to be his most commercial successful release.

2018 was another busy year when 3 albums and 1 EP were released. The albums ExtraVocal and ExtraNoVocal contained never before released songs as well as some new tracks.

Piano & Guitar Vol. II

2018 main release was Piano & Guitar Vol. II an album that contained a more rock-and-roll like approach compared to the Vol I album. Especially the 3 instrumental Piano & Guitar themes are among the highlights on the album.

2019 saw the release of the single A Quiet Storm a track containing many themes projected against a steady electronic beat. A Quiet Storm would be his second most successful single after Good News.

In 2020 3 albums with songs from the period 1984 – 1986 were released, Analog Reality. The 1986 album contains the cassette release The Right Way, which was Ewald’s first commercial release in 1986. Through the use of advanced digital techniques some tracks could now be released that seemed unfit for release, like Song for Jerry and Summerchild II. The track Anyway You Want Me To was the first one to be recorded on a multitrack machine, the Fostex X-15.

Early or Late (2021)

On his most recent album Ewald combines recent written songs with some of his most early compositions (like Before It Is Too Late and Where Are You Now, which were already written in 1979 and 1980 respectively.

2021 also saw the release of a number of singles (Early or Late (Single Edit), Someday, Rikki’s on a Roll and Never Forget).