The Blues (EP) out June 15th 2022

This new EP contains 4 songs with a bluesy character. The first 2 songs of the EP are original compositions, the last two songs are covers of traditional blues songs.

Blues No. 1 was originally written around 1984 but only a rough demo was recorded in those days, which couldn’t be traced in 2022. So the main part of the song was recreated from memory with the starting lines and melody “If your want my money/ because you think that’s funny/ just go ahead girl/ try to get as much as you would like” could be remembered.

The intention was to record Limehouse Blues for this EP but after many retries the work on that song stagnated and what seemed to end in another fruitless session, suddenly the idea for See How It Was emerged. The song was written within a few minutes and the whole song was recorded and finished within the next 24 hours.

Empty Bed Blues always had been one of Ewald’s favourite blues songs and was recorded almost 100 years ago for the first time by the famous blues singer Bessie Smith. The original version was spread out over a part 1 and part 2, probably due to the technical limitations on what could be maximally recorded on one side of a vinyl pressing. Those part 1 and part 2 are now joined in this version. The lyrics have some interesting references that would have been quite astonishing in the prudent 1920’s and Ewald rewrote them so the perspective was now changed to a man whose wife has left him.

The final song of the EP is The Lonesome Road, a song that Ewald learned to play in his early teens and came across again after he found a book with classic blues songs that he learned in his youth. The use of the ukelele give the song a nice country blues like tone.