Two years married!

Today marks the two year anniversary of our marriage: on August 9th 2014 we tied the knot on that beautiful day in Situbondo, East-Java. Last year it was Deny who wrote on this blog to commemorate this our first year anniversary, this year I will take the opportunity for some reflection.

First of all I feel blessed to have Deny because of her patience with me and her relentless dedication as my wife. I will never think lightly of all the steps Deny made by giving up so much from her life in Indonesia to follow me all the way to the Netherlands.

In our two year marriage, we, like any other couples, experienced so many positive things and sometimes negative things. The sum of these experiences made the bond between us stronger and we still have many things to look out for in life.

Sometimes Deny asks ‘Why don’t we meet each other earlier in life?’. And then I usually have some logical response, like ‘Be glad, we did meet each other…” Of course it would have been wonderful too meet earlier, but maybe in life we open our sensors for love and meeting when we are ultimately ready for the experience so the time we met is the perfect time.

As my late Dad once replied per mail to our congratulations for my parents marriage anniversary: ‘if it is up to us we hope you two will witness many more anniversaries to come’. Sadly for them it turned out to be their last marriage anniversary as my Dad passed away a few months later. Needless to say that Deny and I intend to celebrate many, many more anniversaries and in the meantime enjoy our time in life together…

Deny Ewald were at lake como
Deny and Ewald were at lake como, Italy

-Den Haag, 9 Agustus 2016-

19 thoughts on “Two years married!

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  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!! wish you wonderful (marriage) life ahead! of all your pictures during road trip to Italy, why LAKE COMO??? WHY??? :))

    1. Thanks Mbak Ky! Aminnn for the wish. Karena foto itu satu2nya yang ga wefie. Yang lainnya pakai tongsis semua yang foto berdua haha. Inipun musti pakai kamera Hp yang diletakkan dipilar, trus lari2 cari posisi karena pakai timer hahaha

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