33% – 67%

Those are the cold statistics when measuring the percentage of time we actually spend together since our marriage (33%) versus the time were forced to live apart (67%). Although we are supposed to live in an age of globalisation, this certainly does not hold up when you choose a partner that coincidentally does not come from the same country you live in.

Then you will find yourself confronted with larger-than-life entities without faces and names, but that come to you through mail addresses, forms and service desks. These entities have no face, they know no emotions and their names usually come as an abbreviation. So far Deny has successfully passed her exam that tells the authorities that she knows enough of the culture and language to cope with Dutch society. It sometimes feel that we are in an episode of Fear Factor goes Kafka. Instead of eating creepy insects we have to deal with getting things done at bureaucratic institutions.

At this moment we have delivered an impressive amount of documents at IND, the Dutch immigration and naturalisation organisation that will ultimately decide on our faith when we will be allowed to live together again as a pair.

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