A happy and healthy 2017!

As the final hours of 2016 here in the Netherlands are ticking away I wish all the readers of our blog a very happy and healthy 2017!

2017 will be a very important year for the people of the Netherlands and Indonesia.

In the Netherlands people feel more and more the (financial) stress of the situation from the unstable economic situation within the European Union and with the Euro. There are many uncertainties around the influx of immigrants from Syria and other Arabic and African countries that could lead to tensions with the Dutch citizens when it comes to social matters (like housing) and cultural differences. In March we will have elections in The Netherlands and I have recently become involved with a new and fresh political party so this promises to be a new and busy experience for me!

In Indonesia I feel worried about what I read in the press about the events concerning the Jakarte governor Mr. Ahok. It would be a very sad situation if religious circumstances would challenge the stability of Indonesia. Religion should not be a reason to silence opinions from individuals or groups in a society. I hope for 2017 that the situation in Indonesia stabilizes and the different religious groups can return to live peacefully and practice their religion with respect to the each other.

Nootdorp, 31 december 2016

16 thoughts on “A happy and healthy 2017!

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  3. I agree with what you say, that religion should not a reason to silence people opinion. And I think religion should not be mixed with politics because if politics is mixed with the religion then you are playing with the feelings of a person for his/her religion. We choose a politician for the development of nation not for the development of a religion. Our nation is made up of different religions so we can not choose a different leader for each religion.

    Of course the real motive of politician is to rule their territory, and Indonesia has always been known for its secularity, so if the population of a territory has more 1 religious person then, the politician occupy an easy way to win the election by leaning towards that religion, this should not be there, because this would eventually lead to increase in terrorism, – see terrorism is what it’s nothing but the coward people who can not do anything, because of their minority choose the path of violence. So again if the politician tries to get the vote in the name of religion its like a trap.

    When religion mixed with politic it absolutely damaging because the two has different mission. Alike angel vs devil. In today’s world both religion and politics need to change. Religious and political leaders need to be both spiritual and righteous to the uplift and to flourish the society.

    Happy new year anyway!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dewi, for your great comment. Personally I would say the true aim of a politician is to serve the interests of the people that elected him or her. Unfortunately in most situations it is like you describe, the politician wants to rule over the territory and its citizens. At least in most European countries secularity is part of the law, no one can be judged on religious beliefs but religious beliefs are also not part of the juridical system.

  4. Happy new year Deni & Ewald! Semoga tahun ini dan selanjutnya semakin bahagia bagi kita semua, semua yang diimpikan tercapai 🙂 Apa lagi di Jkt nih, kami lagi banyak2 berdoa utk kestabilan politik yg lbh fair & baik.

  5. We still need to learn to conclude things properly, not allowing ourselves to be consumed with hatred. Have a happy and healthy 2017 to the both of you..

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