Until We Meet Again, Papa

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile. If only i could have you back for just a little while then we could sit and talk again, just like we used to do. You always meant so very much and always will do too. The fact that you are no longer here will always cause me pain, but i hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain. You are forever in my heart.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for the love of my life, is the one who’s your son. As a father you loved him and taught him to find the best in himself. Thank you for raising a wonderful son.

Today is the day we will let you go. Thank you for letting me be part of your family. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Until we meet again, Papa

April 18, 1935 – March 12, 2015


-Den Haag, March 18 2015-

16 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again, Papa

  1. turut berduka cita mbak deny,mudah2an tetap tegar ya, saya ikut sedih atas kehilangannya :-(,sorry baru sempat ngucapin sekarang krn baru sempat berkunjung ke sini

    1. Iya Fe. Sakitnya mendadak. Padahal semalam sebelum masuk RS masih nongkrong depan tv sama aku trus nanya2 tentang keluarga di Indonesia. Hishh sedih deh

      Terima kasih banyak Fe

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